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Joe is a Longrider who has ridden over 15,000 miles through three countries on "unbreakable" horses. He is known known across the world as a Longrider/horseman/musician. His music paints pictures of the life he leads. In 2015, Joe will be in the saddle adding a chapter to his book while riding a few thousand more miles.  To learn more about Joe and  what he does, explore the links to your right.

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"A Life Without Living" is not just another autobiography.   I guarantee there's not another story like it.  From a kid that grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in Sydney Australia, to one of the last true Longriders left in the world. I Have spent my life defying the odds achieving goals and fulfilling dreams . I share inspiration as if it were water. In my teens I went looking for my purpose in life on a horse. I rode the Australian outback not knowing what I would find.  As a singer/songwriter I have learned to take my audience on the journey.  As a street performer I have seen the smiles a costume and make-up can bring.  In a world of nightclubs and restaurants I have learned that insecurity lives in all of us.  As an actor strutting a stage, to writing my own productions, to the Longrider traveling thousands of miles through foreign countries on the horses they said couldn't be ridden, saving lives is just what happens along the way. As an Author I hope to inspire you to want more. I believe we all have a gift, a goal and a purpose. "A Life Without Living" is for those that dare to chase it.

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“The Longrider - One Of None” tells the stories of the horses, their owners and trainers.  I ride horses they said couldn't be ridden.  Not only do I save their lives, I educate the owners.   I often leave behind lots of controversy proving many trainers wrong.  25 years later and there is not another Longrider that does what I do. I don't ride for fame or fortune.  I simply share my gift. I am Joe Guy..."The Longrider - One of None".

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